NAREDCO Mahi Brochure
NAREDCO Mahi Brochure


As a member of NAREDCO Mahi, one will have access to a world of opportunities, from direct interaction with policy makers, networking with corporate majors of Indian real estate industry and close linkages with the government. Our members will enjoy unparalleled business growth. NAREDCO Mahi's proactive and inclusive approach will focus on empowering enterprises and will raise competitiveness across diverse real estate sectors. NAREDCO Mahi provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of ideas.


The membership of NAREDCO Mahi shall be for women who are actively engaged in the profession related to the real estate sector, as envisaged in the Memorandum of Association of NAREDCO, namely "operating in various facets of real estate business which includes land development, planning & construction of residential, commercial and institutional buildings/complexes, development of townships, real estate finance & marketing, and allied fields like architecture, manufacturing & supply of construction material, finance, insurance etc."

There shall be two types of membership: Corporate and Individual Membership. All the members (Nominees of Corporate or Individual Members) must either be the owner, CEO, Director or in an active leadership role in the entity which is undertaking any of the above-mentioned activities. As an inaugural offer, the following membership shall be offered

Corporate Membership

  • - One Nominee
  • - Two Nominees
  • - Three Nominees
  • Life Time Membership
  • Annual Membership
Initial Contribution (one time) Including GST @ 18%

  • Rs. 1,18,000 /-*
  • Rs. 2,36,000 /-*
  • Rs. 3,54,000 /-*
  • Rs. 1,18,000 /-*
  • -
Annual Subscription Including GST @ 18%

  • Rs. 11,800 / -
  • Rs. 21,240 /-
  • Rs. 23,600 /-
  • Rs. 11,800 /-
  • Rs. 29,500 /-
Join the Mahi family Now

As a member of NAREDCO Mahi


  • Access to NAREDCO National and state organisations representing all interests of real estate industry
  • Access to relevant information pertaining to the real estate industry at national and state levels
  • Platform to interact with other members, institutions, state & central governments
  • Participate in topical seminars, training programs, conferences and meetings
  • Representations to central & state governments and other institutions

In addition:

  • Increase business prospects
  • Professional Development: Members will have access to exclusive training programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Exclusive Member Resources: Members will have access to a range of tools and educational
  • Materials on networking, public speaking and business best-practices

Membership Application

Expectations from Membership (Please choose whichever options are applicable)

Please enclose the following with application for membership:

I have thoroughly read the constitution of NAREDCO Mahi. In the event of being admitted as Member, I shall undertake to abide by the rules, regulations and by-laws and closely adhere to the code of ethics of the Association.